Leashed Together Beginnings and Future

This is Anubis.

He's a good boy.

I started a YouTube Channel called Leashed Together featuring him as the star. I have watched a lot of content from Youtube and studied what I liked and what I disliked.

My goal with the Leashed Together channel is to do a few things.

  • Get me and the dog outside
  • Allow others to see how cool my dog is
  • Give me a creative outlet (a reason to buy camera equipment)
  • Test my editing/shooting skills on a low risk project

I have to take my dog to nearly empty trails. His propensity to run blindly towards dogs, traffic, and other dangerous things makes walking him a real chore, and trails simply give a nicer walking experience. What I have always wanted to do was share the beauty of these places, and the pleasure of seeing my dog overcome psychological barriers through physical exertion. Pictures can only capture a small viewport of the majesty of nature, I suppose increasing the bandwidth via video captures a little bit more.

Mohave Trail

This video can be hard to watch.. it's a bit shaky, and the audio is pretty bad, but it's the first in the channel, it's supposed to be mildly shameful.

What I gathered as I put this video together is what to gather. B-Roll and dealing with the pacing of the video now has a higher importance, even if I have to sacrifice the intensity of the walk to gather that really great shot. I also learned the unimportance of me. The dog is far more exciting, and he is simply a better subject than some sweaty dude who can't keep up with his dog.

Dreamy Draw

So I got some toys.. The GoPro strap for the dog is.. cute, but it doesn't make for an entire video. This is also hard to watch, audio is probably worse.. But those drone shots are hella cool.

This video taught me a LOT about Premiere.. because I did a stupid thing.. I put the Mavic into dlog without quite understanding what that meant..

but I always learn the most when I don't know what I'm doing..

Also, YouTube's motion calming is decent, but neauseating.. I'm sorry.

Saguaro Lake

This is the video where I'm starting to catch my footing. I took the time to make sure I got good shots, planned with intention, and created, I think, a video worthy of eyeballs.

I used the drone to capture the beauty, and a nice DSLR to capture what is happening on the ground, with clear separation, but linearity to it that makes for a decent story.

I really enjoy the moments of calm. No music, just the sounds of nature and the world. I like to think of it as a catalog of what the dog is looking at, and the nervous calm he exudes.

The drone shots on this are really great..

Anubis Goes to Snow

The previous video was long, so I thought about how to tell a long story within a very short amount of time.. Again, the shots are getting a little better, and it seems like a family roadtrip video mixed with a music video, a vibe I really like. It's short and sweet, but I think entertaining.

Make note of the lack of an explicit place. I have thought about this, and to the dog, he doesn't know, nor care about the place. I think it adds that layer of ignorant bliss that dogs get to enjoy so much.

The Ruins

I really like this video. It's calming, it's storytelling is very subtle, but is has a very nice feel to it. I like the subtlety of the drone shots here.

It was very windy that day, very windy, probably 50 mph gusts.. The Mavic held up well.

The future is long for this one.
Summer is difficult, high light ironically makes things harder to shoot with drones, since they are essentially watching the suns reflection on the ground. Also, the dog's health is very important, I can't walk him during the day when it's >100 degrees, it's not good for anyone, so night walks are what he gets.

But this summer, I may do some more indepth training. do some work with him on camera, talk about the methods.. or maybe just skip all that and do more videos of him just walking and enjoying himself.