In the Shadow of the Penumbra

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Cool Parts

A pleasant timelapse of the city as the sun faded away

Right at the right time

Cool Sky Picture

A temperature Chart

How this timeline was made

  • Timeline JS - I have used this before with another project, basically makes a spreadsheet based on data saved in a Google Sheet.
  • EXIFTool - I realized slightly late (after tagging all of the temperature photos) that I could simply extract the metadata into a spreadsheet and copy paste the information. This post introduced me to the command line exiftool -csv DIR > out.csv and tada, it was done. Saved me a ton of work.
  • Extract Drive Links - Google Sheets makes shareable links into a randomly generated link. Google Sheets has access to add-ons, I was going to write a thing that would extract the link from the file name, but then, someone already had. hooray.